Here are the letters of support from the first partners...

Direction des affaires internationales 

(…) I am looking forward to participate in the Impact Entrepreneurship InnoBooster program. My role will be to connect my colleagues from the local and international public sector to the initiative in order to ensure their engagement in various events, facilitate the implementation of innovative ideas, and support the creation of new and sustainable business opportunities. (…)

Michael Meier
Deputy Secretary General 
REPUBLIQUE ET CANTON DE GENEVE Département des finances et des ressources humaines Direction des affaires internationales 

Zurich University of Applied Sciences
School of Engineering
Institute of Sustainable Development 

(…) As a leading institution, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences is committed to supporting this project through our expertise, resources, and network. We are eager to contribute with our knowledge in innovation and sustainability. (…)

Prof. Vicente Carabias  
Deputy Head 
Coordinator of ZHAW Platform Smart Cities & Regions 

Prof. Dr. Armin Eberle 
Head of Institute 

ELLA Energy Living Lab Association
Leading House of the Energy Living Lab Innobooster 
Campus Energypolis Sion

(…) To accomplish this objective, the Innobooster will provide its expertise in the area of innovative commons-based business models, open-source software and open-source intellectual property. We would like to assure you that our team is committed to making this initiative a success, within the Energy Living Lab, we will bring our resources and network in open innovation and design thinking. (…)

Florian Bürki,
HES-SO Valais-Wallis
Treasurer and Secretary
Energy Living Lab Association 

HES-SO Genève 
Haute Ecole spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale

(…) As a leading institution, CITÉ is dedicated to supporting this project with our expertise in collaborative design and processes, academic resources, and network connections. We are excited to contribute our knowledge in the areas of innovation and sustainability. Your initiative's objectives align well with our strategic vision. As such, we see numerous opportunities for collaboration and are eager to actively participate in the Impact Entrepreneurship Innobooster. (…)

Simon Gaberell
Professor HES, 
Head of CITÉ HES-SO Genève