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Hub Visualisation

Application Form

Mind Map

To follow Joelle's idea, the strategy texts should first be pre-constructed as mindmaps to be more easily co-edited. The idea is to go faster and not get lost in style problems.   

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Final Doc

This is the final document that will be sent to Innosuisse. As it is basically a word document, the best way to keep the formatting is GoogleDoc, but I am open to your suggestions if a free software exists that could do the same thing.

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Alliance >>> Priority Week 11 (from March 13th to 17th)

Spreadsheet Database

The spreadsheet is functional. Please see if you can contact the people listed under your name, or let me know if I can contact them referring to you. Feel free to add to the spreadsheet other people to contact.

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Graphic Representation 

The graphic representation gives a vision of the global balance of the alliance with the possibility to verify if we meet the demand to cover the Swiss territory and with the types of people and organizations adapted to the theme of our Innobooster.

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Alliance Landscape

Contribution Rules 

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Logbook Memory

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